Friday, October 31, 2014

Grave Project, Bulletin No 12 - Funds Raised

We did it! September 9 was a great day, when we reached the end point of our 60-day fund-raising campaign and we'd surpassed our target of $16,000.

The funds raised ($16,750 from 69 donors) were later topped up by further donations of $100 each from 4 people, and a Committee member donated all the book rewards, thereby saving on the campaign's out of pocket expenses.

The Committee would like to thank every one of the 74 people who contributed so generously to this worthwhile venture, honouring our earliest European settlers. Donor names will be published in a separate list.

After paying the commission to Pozible and the various credit card processing fees, the net amount of $15,887.70 is now sitting in the bank account of the Hawkesbury City Council. We are very happy to announce that the sum is sufficient to meet the quoted costs for the grave restoration work.

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