Thursday, January 15, 2015

Grave Project, Bulletin No 15 - List of Donors

The names below (in alphabetical order of surnames) record the generous and community-minded people who donated money to the Bushell Brown Grave Project and have helped preserve some of the earliest European history of Australia. Most of the Bushells and Browns lie beneath the upper altar monument, while 12-year-old Ann Brown lies beneath the lower altar monument.

All descendants of Paul Bushell and David Brown thank each donor most sincerely.

Chris Allen
Gloria, Frank & Russell Anderson
Kerrie Basclain
Rachel Bentham
Belinda Blaxland
Hugh Borrowman
Catherine Broady
Barry Brown, NSW
Barry Brown, WA
Fiona Brown
Les Brown
Neil Brown
David & Leith Bruce-Steer
Alisa Bushell
Anthony Bushell
Gary & Margaret Bushell
Gwen Bushell
Keith & Helen Bushell
Peter Bushell
Robyn Bushell
Stephen & Glenda Bushell
Kerrie & David Carson
Marjorie Clarke & Arthur Crothers
Anne Cobcroft
Families of Darcey & Vivienne Croft
Frank Dennis
Margaret Devine
Dawn Dunn
Shirley Evans
Michael Flynn
Kathy Foord
Barbara Fromberg
Robert Fuller
Helen Gillespie-Jones
Peter Hutley
Paul Jones
Bettina Krikmann
Elaine Lally
Stephanie Lee
Berrill (Keen) Ley
Robyn Lobb
Susan Lough
Jessie Love
Sebastian, Saul & Elspeth Marley
Brian & Elizabeth Marshall
Daryl Martin
Norma McLean
Jane & David Miller
Clare Nowlan
Alanna & Mason Orr
Robert Orr
Debbie Owens
Michael P (Anonymous)
Lynette Payne
Toby Pieters & Dianne Gardiner
Jennifer Prineas
Peter Prineas
Pling Px
Jeremy Rankin
Cano Scott
Keith South
Marie Emily Steley
Nigel Stokes
Rae Szuch
Babs Taylor
Grant Taylor
Patsy Templeton
Marilyn Thrupp
Pamela Tilbrook
Linda Ellen Townsend OAM & Kenneth George Townsend
& their children George Edward Townsend, Christopher Kenneth Townsend, Leellen Katherine Van Deven & Janice Kay Nurrish
Rowena Townsend
Sally Turner
Carol Vance-Roberts
Alan Walker
Helen Welsh
Louise Wilson

Stay tuned to this site for progress reports and news of the eventual 'unveiling' of the restored graves. As advised in Bulletin No 14, the upper altar monument will have a different restoration treatment to the lower altar monument.

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